Pundalay Institute of Art & Design
Pundalay Institute of Art & Design

Virtual Reality Head Sets

HTC Cosmos

  • Portable, out-of-the-box performance
    • Take premium VR on the go. Deployment is easier than ever with out of the box functionality – connect to a laptop or PC, and be ready to go. Bring to client meetings or remote locations with ease.
  • Industry-leading visual fidelity.
    • Deliver breathtaking graphics, text, and textures with a combined resolution of 2880 X 1700 and a 90 Hz refresh rate. State-of-the-art LCD panels reduce the distance between pixels, minimizing the screen-door effect.
  • Add essential audible cues, context & meaning.
    • Built-in on-ear headphones rest comfortably and provide an optimal sound experience for VR. Audio increases immersion by mimicking the volume, pitches, and reverberations of the real world, ideal for training simulations.
  • Designed for comfort and balance.
    • Flip-up halo design enables seamless transitions from virtual reality to real world and back. Active cooling ensures comfort. Easily adjusted for a custom fit. Adjustable optics minimize eye fatigue. Suits nearly all vision types, even glasses.