Pundalay Institute of Art & Design
Pundalay Institute of Art & Design

Virtual Reality

BlueStone is now proud to offer products and solutions in the exciting, leading and cutting edge area of Virtual Reality. We specialize in undertaking projects here using Unreal Engine, HTC Vive and a host of aligned technologies. We have a deep expertise in the use of this technology for Architectural, Industrial and Defence domains.

For industrial simulation, BlueStone has capabilities for process simulation of entire plants. We also have ready simulation available for vehicle manufacturers, especially industrial vehicles – forklifts, earth-movers, etc. This simulation could be used for marketing or training purposes.

Simulators play a huge role in training in defence. Each branch of defence including Army, Navy and Air-Force has a host of equipment of custom and extremely expensive equipment. Training on this without the use of simulators would not be advisable. BlueStone can help in custom development of such simulators.

VR Simulations in the world of architecture are becoming increasingly indispensable. It is becoming important to get a real time ‘feel’ of the project before finalization. For large projects this becomes all the more important. Considering the frequency of these projects, BlueStone can offer to train the key personnel firm to undertake the such projects internally.

VR Setup for Architects

Software, Hardware Setup, Training

VR Headsets

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